Top Words

The most important terms found in IMDb reviews of this movie and their weights, according to a term frequency–inverse document frequency (tf-idf) model. Learn more here.

chamber: 0.61 cell: 0.29 simulation: 0.21 prisoner: 0.19 coffee: 0.17 shop: 0.14 artificial_intelligence: 0.14 automated: 0.12 guessing: 0.1 arrested: 0.09 budget: 0.08 phenomenological: 0.08 classifies: 0.08 repetitive: 0.08 funded: 0.07 reinforce: 0.07 program: 0.07 thumb: 0.07 camera: 0.06 cerebral: 0.06

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The nine most similar cognitive science movies to this movie, measured with the cosine distance between tf-idf vector representations based on IMDb reviews of the movies. Learn more here.


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