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Abre los Ojos (Open Your Eyes)
Abre los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) (1997)
A: 3.5 Q: 4.2 R: 4.0

A man is trapped in his own dreams.

A topiary gardener, a lion tamer, a naked mole-rat researcher, and an AI researcher discuss attempts to control behavior.

Nirvana (1997)
A: 3.9 Q: 4.1 R: 4.1

Videogame heros become conscious, and struggle with their unpleasant situations.

Good Will Hunting
Good Will Hunting (1997)
A: 3.2 Q: 4.0 R: 4.4

This movie portrays different levels of intelligence and the importance of balance between emotional and general intelligence.

A pharmaceutical company releases an anti-depressant that causes your happiest memory to surface.

Long Kiss Goodnight, The
Long Kiss Goodnight, The (1996)
A: 2.8 Q: 4.2 R: 3.9

A government assassin with amnesia has built a quiet, peaceful life, but her past begins to catch up with her.

Jack (1996)
A: 1.8 Q: 2.9 R: 3.0

Mental and emotional development versus apparent physical age.

Children's dreams are stolen to slow a scientist's aging processes.

Harrison Bergeron
Harrison Bergeron (1995)
A: 4.2 Q: 4.0 R: 4.4

Based on Kurt Vonnegut's short story, all Americans are made to have the same level of intelligence, but it's not working on Harrison.

Johnny Mnemonic
Johnny Mnemonic (1995)
A: 2.5 Q: 3.2 R: 3.7

A data-courier carries a very important 320gb data package in his head.

"What am I, human or robot?"

Strange Days
Strange Days (1995)
A: 2.1 Q: 3.7 R: 3.4

Memories and emotions are recorded on data-discs. Cop investigates recording of a murder.

Runaway Brain
Runaway Brain (1995)
A: 2.3 Q: 3.7 R: 2.3

Mickey Mouse, trying to buy Minnie a trip to Hawaii, gets a job with a scientist seeking a brain donor for his sinister creation.

Brainscan (1994)
A: 0.0 Q: 0.0 R: 0.0

Absorbed in a mysterious, highly interactive videogame, a teenager doesn't realize just how real his actions are.

Nell (1994)
A: 3.7 Q: 4.1 R: 4.0

A child raised in the backwoods with no one but her aphasic mother confronts the outside world.

Clean Slate
Clean Slate (1994)
A: 1.0 Q: 2.3 R: 1.7

A key witness in a murder suffered a head injury causing him to forget everything that occurred the previous day (waking up with a "clean slate").

Intelligence enhancing drugs and virtual reality simulations transform a gardener.

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)
A: 1.5 Q: 2.7 R: 2.2

Bill and Ted are killed and sabotaged by robot clones from the future.

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