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A serial killer's failed attempt at murder leaves a woman with [dramatized] symptoms of prosopagnosia; she struggles to perceive faces as the killer closes in.

Perfect Sense
Perfect Sense (2011)
A: 3.3 Q: 4.1 R: 3.7

An odd epidemic appears across the globe: people suddenly lose one of their senses. Can love survive?

The story of a chimpanzee who was raised as a human child.

Melancholia (2011)
A: 4.0 Q: 4.0 R: 4.0

Two sisters', one of whom is preparing to marry, reactions to a rogue planet about to collide with Earth. The film examines the human psyche during a disaster.

A man who steals corporate secrets from people's minds while they dream is given one last job: plant an idea in someone's mind.

Two men with autism embark on a global quest to change prevailing attitudes about disability and intelligence.

Enthiran (2010)
A: 1.7 Q: 2.6 R: 2.0

A massive, epic, Bollywood adventure into the "out of control robot" theme.

Tron: Legacy
Tron: Legacy (2010)
A: 2.2 Q: 3.7 R: 3.1

Although not as groundbreaking as the original "Tron," CLU and the ISOs in this sequel continue to be great examples for AI and computational neuroscience.

Teenagers incite each other's bad behavior in a chatroom, blurring reality with online fantasy.

An autistic woman becomes an expert in animal husbandry owing to her insight into their mental experience, and develops a therapy for autism using farm tools.

Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve)
Eve no Jikan (Time of Eve) (2010)
A: 2.3 Q: 4.3 R: 3.0

A film delving into the social consequences of robotics and potential for AI developing out of a loophole in the "3 rules of robotics."

Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of the year 1983, Beyond the Black Rainbow is a Reagan-era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories

Aggressive interplanetary miners clash with indigenous aliens. We engineer alien bodies controlled remotely; aliens can plug their brains into stuff.

Moon (2009)
A: 4.1 Q: 4.7 R: 4.4

In total isolation, a man performs a 3-year work contract on the moon with a strangely life-like, and yet terribly un-life-like robot assistant.

Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody (2009)
A: 2.7 Q: 4.0 R: 3.5

Nemo Nobody is 118 years old and the last mortal alive. He is suffering from amnesia, but imagining all the different lives he could have lived.

A comedy set in a world where no one has ever lied, until a writer seizes the opportunity for personal gain.

Surrogates explores a world in which humans have no direct social contact with each other, instead using artificial proxies for all of their interactions.

Cold Souls
Cold Souls (2009)
A: 0.0 Q: 3.7 R: 3.7

A machine is invented to extract one's soul. Hoping to improve his performance, an actor uses this service, but then wants it back, and goes soul searching.

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